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We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciations to the following individuals and organizations for their general support of our lectures and activities. Please click on the links provided to find more information about them. If you or your organization would like to make a tax-exempt donation to China Institute or our lectures, please contact the program chair at

(In alphabetical order)

  •  Mrs. Christopher C.Y. Chen 陳棨元夫人

  • 香港程詒謀先生夫人

  • Ms. Laurette S. Feng 宋瓊頤女士

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Winnie Feng 馮英祥先生和夫人

  • Ms. Julia Fochler 周勵

  • Ms. Angela King 徐琪  (徐志摩之孫女)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Shau-wai Lam 林秀槐先生和夫人

  • Mr. Shawn Liao 廖士翔

  •  Mr. H. Christopher Luce and Ms. Tina Liu  路思客 先生夫人

  • Ms. Fern Hsu Tse 徐支放女士 (徐志摩之孫女)

  • Mr. and Mrs. P.H. and Gwynne Tuan 段寳華先生夫人  

  • Mr. Yu Fei and Ms. Wang Yongqing 郁飛王永慶 (郁達夫之子和兒媳)



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