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China Institute is a non-partisan educational and cultural institution that promotes the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of traditional and contemporary Chinese civilization, culture, heritage and current affairs through classroom teachings and seminars, art exhibitions, public programs, teacher education, lectures, symposia and corporate programs and service.  Organized, even from its earliest days, as a non-political, bicultural institution, China Institute welcomes everyone interested in learning about or staying connected to China. 

Hu Shih, John Dewey and a group of their colleagues founded the Institute in 1926 to introduce Americans to China.  Since then, China Institute has been bridging understanding and friendship between these two cultures and peoples.

China Institute began its art exhibition program in 1966, and since then, the Gallery has organized and hosted over 80 exhibitions, with 59 published catalogs, and has expanded its audience to over 7,500 visitors annually.  The Gallery is open daily to the general public and is also a gathering place for scholars, specialists and collectors.

China Institute Corporate Programs are designed for those interested in business with China and include a monthly Corporate Lecture Series.  Corporate services include a monthly Corporate Lecture series, on-site business Chinese language training, cultural training and hosting of visiting delegations.

China Institute Public Events programming ranges from lectures and symposia to short courses and workshops, film series and performances.  Some 30 to 40 public events are held each year, and programs cover topics from ancient history to contemporary affairs.

China Institute’s School of Chinese Studies, chartered by the University of the State of New York, introduces Chinese language and culture to people of all ages.  Each semester, about 400 adult students attend various levels of Chinese here. We also have arrangement with a number of colleges in New York such that their students take classes at China Institute and receive credits at their home institutions. For children ages three and older, an extensive Chinese for Children program, enjoyed by approximately 100 students each term, combines language learning with an introduction to the arts and culture of China.

Teach China, offered to educators from elementary through high school, gives teachers solid preparation in a range of subjects so they return to their own classrooms prepared to teach knowledgeably about Chinese history and culture.



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