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Speaker: Ann Hu
Date: Saturday,  1:30 pm, September 22, 2007


Beauty Remains

--Meeting the Director

On the U.S. premiere of Beauty Remains directed by Ann Hu, the Learned (Renwen) Society at China Institute invites the director to meet with the audience in a  reception to talk about the making of the movie and conduct a Q & A session at 1:30 pm on Saturday, September 22 in the ImaginAsia Theater, located at 239 East 59th Street and Second Avenue) in Manhattan. In order to provide a basis for discussion, those who attend the reception are encouraged to see the 12 pm showing of the movie at the theater. As the event is close to the Moon Festival, moon cakes and drinks will be served at the reception. There is no charge for attending the reception, but the audience need to purchase the tickets from the theater to see the movie. Please visit for information about ticket purchase.

"Beauty Remains" is the story of two sisters--Fei and Ying--bound together by the will of their late father, and their shared love for a charismatic ex-boxer, Huang. They are two women whose paths have been dictated by the often cruel decrees of the men in their lives--two women who must somehow transcend that influence...or lose everything.

For details about the movie, including its synopsis, cast, director, trailer, etc, please visit (English) or (Chinese). See Ann Hu's photos at


由著名導演胡安執導的影片《美人依舊》本周將在美國首映。華美人文學會將在九月二十二日(星期六)下午一時半在放映《美人依舊》的影院ImaginAsia Theater舉辦招待會﹐邀請胡安導演與觀眾見面﹐介紹她製作這部電影的經過並回答觀眾的問題。人文學會將備月餅﹑點心和飲料﹐以饗到會的觀眾。ImaginAsia Theater的地址是曼哈頓東59街 239 號(二大道)。當日的首場放映時間是中午12點。招待會在首場放映結束後進行。招待會免費﹐觀看電影需向ImaginAsia Theater購票。ImaginAsia Theater的網址是。關於此次活動的最新情況﹐請訪華美人文學會的網站



關於《美人依舊》的進一步詳情﹐請見如下網站 (英語) (中文)



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