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Date: May 31, 2003

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華美協進社人文學會五月三十一日星期六將組織去史丹頓島寄興園游園賞詩﹐歡迎各界人士參加。當日寄興園將有一系列吟詩活動。另外﹐華美人文學會負責人之一的汪班先生將用英語介紹中國明代著名戲曲家湯顯祖名作《牡丹亭》中的一折《游園驚夢》。張藝謀導演的巨片《英雄》插曲演唱者尤雁小姐也將有精彩表演。在去寄興園前﹐活動參加者將在 King's Buffet 餐館共進中/日式自助午餐。




Staten Island Botanical Garden

1000 Richmond Terrace

Staten Island, NY 10301

Phone: (718) 273-8200






2407 Richmond Avenue,

Tel (718) 477-9200.


餐費為 $6.99, 亦自付。


自行開車前往者請于上午 11點到 King's Buffet 自助餐館。當日人文學會還將租車若干﹐供無自備交通工具者乘坐﹐費用為$15。有需乘坐者﹐請與華美協進社 Joseph Corda 聯係交費事宜。聯係電話﹕212-744-8181 ext. 145。出發時間為上午10點。出發地點為華美協進社門前﹐地址為﹕曼哈頓東65125號﹐勒辛頓大道和公園大道之間。詢問電話﹕212-963-2481﹐電子郵件﹕

A Day Trip to Staten Island

You are invited to join us for a day trip to visit the Chinese Scholarís Garden on Staten Island, Saturday, May 31. Weíll have a buffet Chinese/Japanese brunch on Staten Island before we visit the Garden. Here is a description of the garden:  

Chinese Scholarís Garden 寄興園

Staten Island Botanical Garden
1000 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10301
Phone: (718) 273-8200

Traditional Chinese gardens go back almost 2000 years to the Han Dynasty though most Scholar's Gardens date back to  the more recent Ming and Qing dynasties. A Scholar's Garden would have been built by a scholar or an administrator retiring from the emperor's court to commune with nature, write poetry or entertain guests in his later years.  It would have been an enclosed private garden always associated with a house, which without it's garden would not have been considered whole. This garden is enclosed by walls, a series of pavilions (eight in all), and covered walkways.  These are all organized in an irregular manner to create in addition to the two major courtyards a series of six others of varying sizes. The Chinese Scholarís Garden was built entirely of traditional materials by 36 skilled craftsman from the city of Suzhou in China in 1997.  

There are several poetry events at the garden on the day and Ben Wang (汪班), Senior Lecturer and Co-Chair of the Renwen Society of China Institute, will also give a short talk (in English) on You Yuan Jing Meng (游園驚夢), an act in the opera Peony Pavilion (牡丹亭) by the Ming Dynasty playwright Tang Xianzu (湯顯祖, 1550-1616) . You Yan (尤雁), the singer who recently sang in Zhang Yimou's much acclaimed movie Heroes (英雄) will also perform for us.

Admissions to the Garden: $5/$4 seniors and students. Pay on your own.

The buffet lunch will be at Kings Buffet, which is located at 2407 Richmond Avenue, Tel (718) 477-9200. The lunch is $6.48
($6 plus tax). Also pay on your own.

For directions by ferry or by car to the Garden, please visit

Since the restaurant is some distance from the garden and there is no public transportation between the two points, we encourage people to drive and carpool. We'll also rent one or more vans for people who do not have a car. The cost is $15/person. If you do not need transportation, please register below. If you do need a seat in the van, please contact Joseph Corda at or 212-744-8181 ext. 145 for payment. The vans will leave from in front of China Institute at 10:00 am. China Institute is located at 125 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10021 (between Lexington and Park Avenues). If you drive on your own, please meet us at King's Buffet at 11:00 am. Please direct your questions to

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