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Speaker: 棉棉
Date: January, 24, 2004, 2-4 pm

| 棉棉文選 |



華美協進社 (China Institute) 人文學會舉辦的《中華文化系列講座》一月二十四日將由中國新生代女作家棉棉介紹她的作品。






棉棉是一位多產的作家。她的作品包括﹕《看在上海的老外男人》﹑《鹽酸情人》﹑《香港情人》﹑《告訴我通向下一個威士忌酒吧的路》﹑《秘密都在唱片里》﹑《文人与戲子--李敖,余秋雨為 ""哲學比較》!《子牙外轉》﹑《在女人怀里哭泣的男人----徐志摩》﹑《我有一种病》﹑《如果今晚是這世界的最后一晚》﹑《低落,在米蘭机場旅館》﹑《上海的鑰匙》﹑《一封讓我害怕的信﹑《鄰居在做愛》等。欲讀她的這些及其他的作品﹐請訪  棉棉文選


講座對人文學會學員免費﹐對非會員建議捐付5美元以支持中華文化系列講座的進一步發展。因座位有限,請預先訂位。訂位電話﹕212-744-8181. ext. 142。網上訂位請填下表。華美協進社的地址是曼哈頓東六十五街一百二十五號 (公園大道和勒辛頓大道間)。四﹐五號地鐵五十九街下﹐六號地鐵六十八街 (亨特學院站) 下﹐F 地鐵六十三街 (勒辛頓大道)

Mian Mian is perhaps China's most promising young writer. ... Her stories deal with issues - sexuality, drug abuse, China opening to the world - that touch the core of her generation's experience.


-International Herald Tribune


Mian Mian's realm is one of wretched love affairs, hard drugs, promiscuous sex and suicide. Her work is revolutionary for the People's Republic, and her own tale is one of personal liberation, excess and redemption. 


-Sydney Morning Herald Magazine


An international phenomenon published in Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Japan, and now translated into English for the first time, this is a hip, subversive coming-of-age story about risk and desire in a world without guidelines. Based on the life of the author, the narrator of CANDY drops out of high school and runs away at the age

of 17 to the experimental city of Shenzen, outside government regulations. She quickly falls in love with a young musician and they dive into a cruel existence of alcohol, drugs, and excess stripped of all comforts that fails to satisfy her craving for a love that will define her. As she navigates the temptations of the wild city swirling around her, she searches for a spiritual center in a world that has nothing to offer until finally she turns to writing as a "prescription" that will become her anchor. Mian Mian's fresh, strident, and brutally honest voice illuminates the anguish of a generation and chronicles the search for hope in a vacant world. This sexy and subversive story is sex, drugs, and rock n' roll - in a modern China that you've never seen before. Mian Mian lives in Shanghai and works as a writer and rock-show promoter. She has become a cultural icon to a generation of Chinese youth who value her authenticity and honesty in portraying the new future of Shanghai.

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